09 Jul


Nestlets is the perfect nestling material for mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits and other small mammals.  And here I thought shredded newspaper was good enough.  Rodents are nestling animals, and in a laboratory environment, where you’re trying to keep your critters alive, commercial cage bedding’s discourage and actually inhibit the building of nests.  By introducing the right material, rodents will be less disturbed by sound, light, motion and temperature changes. The protective, insulating qualities of a nest reduces animal loss.  NESTLETS utilize the inherent instinct of rodents to shred and build nests with any material available. The act of shredding is a natural function and will therefore be beneficial.

Most substances used as nesting materials have major drawbacks.  For example, paper contains sulfides and get compacted when wet.  Cloth and absorbent cotton and other similar materials can maim and suffocate due to the threads which can actually strangle.  Finally, other substances are ingestible, irritating, unclean, or form barriers to the free flow of air.  Studies have shown that introducing the right bedding in the animals cage will reduce stress.   This reduction in stress results in greater weight gain, healthier and happier animals and more valid models for research.

The Nestlets material is manufactured from pulped virgin cotton fiber, sterilized during manufacturing and clean packed.  The material is fully autoclavable and are sufficiently pathogen-free for all purposes.  Nestlets will not deteriorate in storage and are packed in extra-strength polyethylene bags.  The bottom line is, a happy and healthy animal will make for a better and more productive study.