19 Jul

Weather Station

Weather Stations  are another one of those  items that most people probably do not  have on their wish list, but with what is turning out to be one of the hottet summers in recent history, what a great tool to have.  Nothing against any of the meteorologists, but lets face it, what other career is there where you can be wrong over half the time and still keep your job?

Pictured on the left is one of the ultimate, professional weather stations that is available on the market.   This weather station is perfect for industrial plants, schools, or labs needing to monitor conditions, forecast weather, and check environmental air parameters.  The unit will display temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure and pressure trends.  In regards to weather forcasting, it displays wind direction, speed and windchill.  It will also display rainfall, not to mention a clock and calendar.  A programmable alarm can be set to monitor all of the above.

The General use software provides real time monitoring of all weather data and has a pretty cool display which has 5 variations that you can choose from.  All of the data can be stored to a computer or exported to programs like Microsoft Excel.  

The Data is provided by the wireless sensors that come with the main unit. 


As always, our experienced Lab Associates are happy to provide you with any additional information that you may need.

Stephen G