02 Aug

Illuminated Magnifier

I decided to blog on Illuminated Magnifiers this week after receiving a request from  a customer to provide some detailed specifications.  I’ve actually had this on my personal OpticsPlanet wish list for some time.  In a past life, when I was repairing circuit boards, this would have been a great tool.   I’m sure anyone involved  in detailed work requiring magnification would love to have one.  I’ve looked at several inexpensive imports,  but these Illuminated Magnifiers are the “Real Deal”.   They are available in both a clamp mount or weighted base.  The arms are also weighted and very precise for positioning.  A slight movement will put it exactly where you want it.  The magnifier pictured above comes available in a 3 or 5 Diopter and the light source is fluorescent.

Note:  Diopter is a term used to identify the refractive (light bending) capacity of a lens.  To elaborate further, Diopter is the measurement of the Optical Power of a lens or curved mirror.  An example of how it relates to magnification is as follows:

2 Diopter = 1.50x Mag
3 Diopter = 1.75x Mag
4 Diopter = 2.00x Mag
5 Diopter = 2.25x Mag

The Luxo Wave + Illuminator pictured on the right, is one of the ultimate models that I’ve found.  The Lamps can be independently switched for angular lighting. All magnifiers have a black finish and are offered with either a standard uncoated lens or an anti-reflective (A/R) coated lens. Magnifiers with anti-reflective coated lens also eliminate bounce-up glare. ESD-safe models feature lenses treated with a static-dissipative A/R coating.  This model also has an optional 10 Diopter lens as an accessory, which translates to 250% bigger than the object you’re looking at. 

Of Course, every application is unique.  Our knowledgeable Lab Staff here at OpticsPlanet would be happy to assist you in locating the best magnifier for your application or to answer any questions that you may have.

Stephen G