30 Aug

Glove Liners / Inspection Gloves

Protective Glove Liners.  Also know as Cotton Lisle Inspection Gloves.  So right about now you’re probably asking yourself ”Gloves”?  This is another reason why I love my job, or at least I can say it’s anything but boring.  So what prompted me to talk about gloves was one of my customers placed a large order the other day for the glove liners pictured to the left.  It spiked my curiosity as to what the applications would be.  In this case,  my customer is using them under a disposable rubber/latex protective glove for the purpose of minimizing the contamination of products from human hands.  These specific gloves are made of 100% cotton and are recognized as a leader in fabric gloves for critical environments.  They are available in multiple and custom sizes and again, ideal for inspection and electronics assembly.  Typically sold in pairs of 12, they come in several variations including Light to Heavy Weight material and Hemmed or Unhemmed construction.

Aside from 100% cotton construction, another choice to consider would be a polyester blend. 

The gloves pictured to the right are the Spectra® Fiber Cut-Resistant Glove Liners.  These are a ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber glove.  They provide moderate cut resistance but have a high reusability.  The gloves are lightweight and have a low coefficient of friction.  This means, sharp objects can easily slide across the surface. They can also be used as outside gloves. 

As always, our knowledgeable staff here at OpticsPlanet and LabPlanet are happy to assist you in finding the best glove for your application.  Stephen G