06 Sep

Battery Powered Centrifuge

The HemataSTAT II by Separation Technology, which is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers a solution for use of a microhematocrit centrifuge, where there is a limited or no power source .   I happen to stumble upon this centrifuge upon the request of one of my customers, who going to be leaving the country and needed a portable unit.  I was already familiar with UNICO’s Porta-Spin, which can be pluged into a vehicle power source/cigarette lighter,  but here was a situation where the user, who works in the field with elephants, has the need to spin blood in the middle of nowhere.  I just thought that this was pretty cool.  Too bad I didn’t think of it.

This small, lightweight machine features a 60-second spin time, whisper-quiet operation, and a built-in digital tube reader with LCD display of prompts and results in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.   It has a clear, disposable tube holder which allows for safe and easy clean-up in case of a sealant blowout.   The optional battery pack provides convenience for field use.  I can also see this being benficial to mobile blood banks. The battery pack is charged overnight or an equivalent period of time to obtain maximum capacity.  The unit has an LCD Display that shows percentage of remaining battery pack capacity and warns of low battery.

Stephen G