07 Sep

Nikon Eclipse E200

The Nikon Eclipse E200 compound microscope offers superior optics and high quality construction.  This is one of the most widely used microscopes in veterinary clinics and doctor’s offices.  Nikon’s Chromatic abberation-free infinity (CFI60) system provides an expandable platform for more advanced microscopy techniques that involve the use of CCD cameras and laser microscopy systems.  This optical system also offers crisp clear images allowing users to increase the efficiency with which they view their samples.  Its durable construction and price point makes it a perfect fit for biology courses at the college level.  College courses put a lot of wear and tear on microscopes forcing durability to be a high priority microscope requirement.  The E200 also provides a cost effective solution for more advanced techniques such as darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and simple polarizing.  The Nikon E200 has proven to be a solid microscope solution in a wide range of environments from college level courses, medical laboratories, doctor’s offices and research laboratories.