10 Sep

Sterile Filtration

For sterilization of temperature sensitive media, a sterile filtration device is used.  These devices have a sterilizing grade microporous membranes with a porosity of 0.1µm or 0.2µm.   Sterile bottle top filters and sterile receivers aid the researcher in preparing sterile solutions for their work.  For smaller samples sizes sterile syringe filters are used.  Many different microporous membrane materials are available including Nylon, Cellulose Acetate, Cellulose Nitrate, and Polyethersulfone (PES). Pore sizes available range from 0.2µm to 0.8µm. Various receiver volumes for bottle top filters are available from 115ml to 1L. The filtration funnels and receivers for sterile prep can be purchased separately or as complete units. If a lab has limited access to an autoclave or if a microbiology class only has a few lab classes requiring sterile media preparation, these filtration units are the answer to efficient sterile filtration. Corning, Nalge Nunc, Whatman, Pall, Greiner Bio-One, and VWR all offer sterile filtration units in various volumes, materials, and pore sizes.