24 Sep

MWCO Membrane

Ultrafiltration involves filtration at the molecular weight level. Ultrafiltration can involve membranes, centrifuge tubes, and dialysis tubing. MWCO membranes allow molecules smaller than the molecular weight cut off to pass through while molecules larger than the molecular weight cut off are retained. MWCO refers to the Molecular weight in Daltons (or kilo Daltons kD )at which 90% of the globular proteins will be retained. These membranes are available in many forms and materials. Disc membranes materials are polyethersulfone (Pall Life Sciences) and cellulose ester (Spectrum Laboratories). Other devices include: Tangential flow membrane cassettes (Pall USA). Pall, Whatman and VWR are manufacturers of ultrafiltration centrifuge filters. Ultrafiltration dialysis uses laboratory dialysis tubing from manufacturers like Spectrum Laboratories.

Robin Prymula