11 Oct

First Aid Kit Policy

First Aid Kits are one of those things we all seem to take for granted until you actually need it.  I recently came across information regarding the Policy and Guidelines for laboratories and the Guidelines for providing adequate supplies. 

OSHA Medical Service Regulations mandate that the “employer shall ensure the ready availability” of medical personnel and
first aid supplies for matters of employee health.  First aid kits shall be readily accessible to laboratory staff at all times while they are at work. Lab workers shall be trained to
know the location of the kit. Hazard-specific first aid supplies shall be made available, as appropriate, when research work
involves particular chemicals such as cyanides or hydrofluoric acid. Exposures to these severely toxic agents warrant
immediate application of special remedies.  The mandate also states that a consulting physician must approve the First Aid Kit.   Basicly, this means that the contents of basic kits
purchased from safety and laboratory supply companies are expected to have been reviewed for appropriateness and completeness by a physician. 

The American National Standards Institute’s recommends that basic units should contain:

  • 1 absorbent compress (32 sq. in. with no side smaller than 4 in.)
  • 16 adhesive bandages (1 x 3 in.)
  • Adhesive tape (total of 5 yd.)
  • 10 individual-use antiseptic applications (0.5 g each)
  •  6 individual-use burn treatment applications (0.5 g each)
  •  2 pairs of medical exam gloves
  •  4 sterile pads (3 x 3 in.)
  •  1 triangular bandage (40 x 40 x 56 in.)

Commercially available kits prepared to ANSI standards will be labeled to indicate this status.

Stephen Gonshorek