18 Oct

Laboratory Bench Underpads & Liners

So, if you reading my blog about Bench Underpads and Liners, I’m wondering if you have the same reaction as I did when this item was first brought to my attention? My first thoughts were that they kind of reminded me of diapers.  I changed enough of them in my lifetime when my kids were babies.  I suppose both applications can be considered a Biohazard.   But, all joking aside, after recently assisting a client from Nigeria who made a large purchase, it did spike my curiosity to learn what the application is, effectiveness and who would best benefit from their use.


It ends up that both Pads and Liners provide absorbency for a variety of liquid wastes in a laboratory environment.  They provide a large absorbent working surface, addressing the concern of contamination in liquids.  Constructed of fire retardant materials, specifically, a non-woven rayon and cellulose filler with a water-resistant polyethylene backing.    The liners are available with or without labels to identify Biohazard or Radioactive presence at a glance.

The Underpads pretty much work in the same way as the liners, but add a cushioning factor to protect labware from breakage.  The pads consist of a 3 layer construction and offer three levels of absorbency ranging from 200 ml to 1600 ml with a range of sizes and colors.  I guess there’s no reason why you can’t have a little color and style on your workbench.   As always, we encourage you to call or email our staff with any questions that you may have.  We look forward to working with you.

Stephen Gonshorek