22 Oct

DNA Testing

DNA isolation is not the great mystery it once was.  There are now many kits for the isolation of various types of DNA and RNA.  Plasmid isolation kits are available from several suppliers.  Genomic DNA kits isolate DNA from yeast and bacteria; soil, water, and stool samples; forensic samples; plant and fungal samples; insect and mollusk; blood and bodily fluid; animal tissue and cells.  RNA isolation kits are manufactured for all of these same sample types.  There are also DNA and RNA clean up kits for use after PCR.  There is a kit for dye terminator removal as well as nucleotide removal.  There is also a kit for extracting DNA and RNA from gels after electrophoresis.  The kits generally consist of a lysis or extraction buffer, a DNA or RNA binding column, a wash buffer, and an elution buffer.  Suppliers for these kits include but are not limited to: Omega Bio-Tek, Amresco, G-Biosciences, Mo Bio Laboratories, and GE Healthcare.  Although a well equipped molecular biology laboratory will normally keep all of the buffers and columns on hand for DNA isolation, having a kit available will save prep time.  GLP will be aided by using a kit as there will be one lot number for the kit and the procedure will be standardized by the protocol supplied with the kit.

Robin Prymula