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30 Nov

Student Microscope

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The holiday shopping season is a great time to buy a student microscope as a gift.  Before you become overwhelmed with the information on the internet it is important to become familiar with the different components of a good student … Continue reading

29 Nov

Unico Phlebotomy Tray

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The UNICO Phlebotomy Tray is the ultimate organizer for all of you vampires, I mean, phlebotomists out there.  All kidding aside, phlebotomists have my respect for the job they do.  You guys are the front-line for diagnosis of a magnitude of … Continue reading

26 Nov

Safety Diamond

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Ever wonder what the hazard symbols in the diamond placards on the sides of tank trucks are telling us? The signs are notifying us of the possible chemical hazards posed by the contents of the truck. The blue portion of … Continue reading

22 Nov

3M Chemical Sorbent Roll

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3M Chemical  Sorbent Roll is a unique and innovate product from the same company that brought us Scotch Tape and Posted Notes.  The product is designed as a precautionary measure in avoiding large spills. It is intended to be used on bench tops … Continue reading

17 Nov

Dry Ice

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Where to get dry ice?  Laboratories which may need an intermittent supply of dry ice can produce it in the lab with dry ice makers; these use a 50lb liquid CO2 dip tube(syphon) cylinder. The dry ice machines use the … Continue reading

16 Nov

Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli

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Recently 28 people have been reported to be infected with shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli.  Most of the cases have been reported from New York state and 42% of the infected people have been hospitalized.  Two of the people infected have … Continue reading

15 Nov

Tissue-Tek® O.C.T. Compound

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  Tissue-Tel  O.C.T. Compond  O.C.T. stands for Optimum Cutting Temperature.  This compound formula is made up of water soluble glycols and resins which provides a convenient specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning.  The working temperatures are –10°C (14°F) and below.  Tissue-Tek … Continue reading

12 Nov

Mechanochemical Synthesis

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High frequency milling may be an alternative to the bulk use of solvents in chemical synthesis.  This would contribute greatly to the greening of the chemical synthesis industry.  A good example is the production of Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks.  ZIFs are … Continue reading

08 Nov

Rabbit Restrainer

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Rabbit Restrainers.  Okay,  I know you’re probably thinking that this guy is really strange to be blogging on an item that looks like a bunny torture device.  My daughter wasn’t very happy with me either when I was telling her about a device … Continue reading

05 Nov

Western Blot

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Western blot involves the transfer to PVDF membrane or Nitrocellulose membrane from a gel after the proteins of interest have been separated by SDS PAGE.  After transfer, the membrane is probed with antibodies for detection of a specific protein.  PVDF … Continue reading