22 Nov

3M Chemical Sorbent Roll

3M Chemical  Sorbent Roll is a unique and innovate product from the same company that brought us Scotch Tape and Posted Notes.  The product is designed as a precautionary measure in avoiding large spills. It is intended to be used on bench tops and tables and the material is easily cut to any size or shape.  The roll size is 38 inches in width by 150 foot in length.  In terms of absorbing, the roll will hold an equivalent of 76 gallons of fluid.  Recognized fluids would be Chemical, Petroleum and Water, though  3M offers several variations, depending on the application.  This specific Sorbent is suggested to be use is as a maintenance product, versus an emergency situation that requires immediate attention to clean up a spill.

By selecting the right Sorbent with a High Capacity, you will use less of the material and on the back end, there will be less waste after use, which theoretically, will reduce your disposal cost.  You do need to consider your disposal options up front.  For example, can the Sorbent be sent to a landfill, incinerated or possibly used in a Waste to Fuel Burner?  According to 3M, the material does not pose any health risks including, eye or skin contact, as well as inhalation or if the Sobent is swallowed.

Our knowledgeable staff are available to assist you with any questions that you may have, including being able to provide you with an MSDS.   3M’s website also offers very detailed information.

On a lighter note, an interesting application that one of our customers uses this for is….. puppies.  As a breeder, she found that by blocking off a small area and cutting the Sorbent to size,  it provides an easy clean up after the puppies make their mess.  LOL.

Stephen Gonshorek