29 Nov

Unico Phlebotomy Tray

The UNICO Phlebotomy Tray is the ultimate organizer for all of you vampires, I mean, phlebotomists out there.  All kidding aside, phlebotomists have my respect for the job they do.  You guys are the front-line for diagnosis of a magnitude of diseases and infections

It is for this reason, I thought it to be appropriate to offer recognition and at the same time, bring you up to speed on the latest organizers available.   UNICO came up with a simple and compact design for the busy phlebotomist. The Flexi-Phleb has large carrying capacity without bulk.  The top level accepts removable Tube-CUBE™ racks that secure a variety of tubes, ice cups  for temperature sensitive samples, sharps containers, or whatever your specific activities demand.

Back at the lab, you merely exchange your collected samples in Tube-CUBE’s ( Pictured Below)  at Specimen Processing with empty ones and you are ready to go again! Tray is constructed of tough, durable LDPE
for long service and easy cleanup.

Tube-CUBE™ Carriers

• Designed to hold any combination of Tube-CUBE’s

• 2, 3, and 4 place configurations fit your daily needs

• Provides a safe, convenient way to carry reagents or patient samples in the lab

• Holds reagents and calibrators for specific instruments and/or analyses

• Great for securing, transporting, and storing meds in the field or in refrigerator

Stephen Gonshorek