13 Dec


Cryo – Low Temperature Gloves  Anyone who is familiar with the handling of cryogenic liquids is probably aware of the potential  hazards involved with working with these materials and should hopefully be trained in how to handle them safely.

It is highly recommended that emergency procedures be established and rehearsed and that proper training in the operation of all equipment provided, and knowledge and appreciation of hazardous properties of the materials be instilled. Cryogenic liquids should never be handled without proper protective gear.

Now that the fear and repercussions of what can happen in the event of an error or accident have been instilled in you, we can talk about what these gloves are capable of handling.  For starters, The gloves offered are Not Intended for Immersion in Liquid Nitrogen or other Cryogenic Liquids.   They are maunfactured from the highest-quality state-of-the-art materials, which allow for a maximum level of thermal protection, flexibility, and dexterity.  Tempshield Cryogenic Gloves protect your hands and arms when working in hazardous, ultra-cold environments.  Styles include:

Wrist, Mid-Arm, Elbow and Shoulder with sizes ranging from small to extra large (8/9/10/11)   An additional stay-dry lining keeps you warm and comfortable.  With Winter coming upon us here in the U.S. this could prove to be an advantage during a snowball fight.  But all kidding aside, Cryo-Gloves will  protect from -160°C (-250°F).  The Waterproof series of Cryo-Gloves are necessary when there is the possibility of exposure to cryogenic liquids.  Examples of use are:

  • Delivering cylinders of cryogenic liquids
  • Attaching metal mesh-covered hoses
  • Maintaining cryogenic systems
  • Cold treating metals
  • Driving forklifts or stocking shelves in freezers

As always, our knowledgeable staff are more than happy to assist you in identifying the right glove for the right application.

Stephen Gonshorek