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31 Jan

Steel Cord Gloves

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Okay, you’re probably asking yourself, what are Steel Cord Gloves?  The photo on the left can be a little misleading as they look like any normal pair of winter gloves.  But this glove provides optimum cut and slash protection while still offering … Continue reading

28 Jan


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Gel electrophoresis is the process of separating proteins and small nucleic acids by charge and size.   Precast Polyacrylamide electrophoresis gels are available in various densities and gradient densities.  Precast Agarose gels are also available.  Proteins can have various charges depending upon the surface of … Continue reading

24 Jan

Portable Cleanrooms

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Now here’s something that you don’t see everyday, outside of a Hollywood SciFi movie.  Strip Door Portable Cleanrooms.  The name pretty much says it all.  Designed for fast construction and can be easily customized. Frames can be quickly assembled in modular sections then … Continue reading

21 Jan

Vacuum Chamber

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There are many situations which require the application of a vacuum in the laboratory such as degassing and drying.  A chamber which can support 29 inches of Mercury (29 inHg) or 736 millimeters of Mercury (mmHg) or more vacuum is … Continue reading

17 Jan

Face Masks

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With Flu Season being in full swing,  many of us understand the need to be diligent in protecting ourselves from what is looking like an epidemic.  This includes getting a flu shot, washing of hands, the use of hand sanitizer and in many cases,  Face … Continue reading

14 Jan


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A disinfectant is defined as a substance applied to a hard surface to destroy microorganisms living on the surface.  To disinfect a surface is to kill most of the microorganisms on that surface.  Not all disinfectants kill all microorganisms.  For … Continue reading

11 Jan

Flu Outbreak

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Most people have heard at least one report of the recent flu outbreak.  The flu is a respiratory illness that affects the throat, lungs, and nose.  It is highly contagious and can spread rapidly if affected individuals are not careful.  When people … Continue reading

07 Jan

Zero Air

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Zero air refers to air supplied to analytical instruments which has hydrocarbons removed.  Typical levels of hydrocarbons are less than 0.1ppm.  Air with very low hydrocarbons is used in gas chromatography as the oxidant gas for an FID (flame ionization … Continue reading