11 Jan

Flu Outbreak

Most people have heard at least one report of the recent flu outbreak.  The flu is a respiratory illness that affects the throat, lungs, and nose.  It is highly contagious and can spread rapidly if affected individuals are not careful.  When people cough, sneeze and talk they leave behind droplets.  These droplets can land in the mouth, nose and eyes of people nearby.  One can also come in contact with these droplets that are left behind on surfaces such as desks.  Several areas have experienced a stronger surge in the number of flu cases than others.  A school district in Oklahoma cancelled classes for a day because roughly 150 out of 650 students, nearly 25%,  were sick.  Some hospitals in Chicago have closed their emergency rooms and diverted all emergency medical cases to other hospitals nearby.  Health professionals suggest that the best way to prevent contracting the flu is to get a flu shot.  A flu shot contains a portion of the most common strain of virus.  Once you receive a flu shot your body begins to build an immunity to the virus.