31 Jan

Steel Cord Gloves

Okay, you’re probably asking yourself, what are Steel Cord Gloves?  The photo on the left can be a little misleading as they look like any normal pair of winter gloves.  But this glove provides optimum cut and slash protection while still offering flexibility and comfort.

PLEASE NOTE:  This Glove is Sold as One Each and NOT in pairs.


Manufactured by Honeywell Protection (formerly Sperian), the construction is , 7 gauge heavyweight double strand stainless steel core, wound together and wrapped in synthetic fiber to insure optimum comfort.  Available in XS, S, M, L and XL.    Please note that the  Gloves are not cut or puncture proof and not recommended for use with moving or serrated blades,  but they do provide the most protection of any glove out there.  It was a client of mine who owns a wood carving supply business in Utah,  that actually brought them to my attention.  I imagine it only takes one “oops” to lose a finger, or worse.  Aside from wood cutting, the glove is ideal for the agriculture and food service industries.

Please feel free to contact any of our staff for additional information or in the event we can be of further assistance.

Stephen Gonshorek