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28 Feb

I-STAT 1 Analyzer

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Abaxix, one of the leaders in Veterinary Diagnostics has developed this nifty handheld device that kind of resembles a Star Trek Tricorder (just kidding), called a i-STAT 1 Analyzer.  The VetScan i-STAT Analyzer is designed to provide accurate blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry and hematology … Continue reading

25 Feb

Centrifuge Tube

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Centrifuge tubes are rated by the maximum  RCF or G force they can withstand without cracking or, in the case of plastic centrifuge tubes, deforming.  Centrifuge tubes are specifically designed to withstand the relative centrifugal force created when spinning in … Continue reading

21 Feb

BioFit Footrests

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So, my last three Blogs have been on BioFit Seating.  This week, I chose to talk about the BioFit Footrests, which some might consider to be a luxury item to have at your desk.  Not True.  It has been proven from … Continue reading

18 Feb

Centrifuges for the Doctor’s Office

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Centrifugation can be confusing especially if you are looking for a simple centrifuge for blood centrifugation for a doctor’s office or veterinary clinic.  Blood, urine, and fecal centrifugation requires lower speeds and larger sample sizes in general than research centrifugation.  A … Continue reading

14 Feb

BioFit SitStand

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I decided to do a sequel to my last weeks blog on the BioFit Cleanroom Chairs by talking about the BioFit SitStand Stool.   On a personal level, I recently had some outpatient surgery.  During my recovery, I found sitting in a … Continue reading

11 Feb


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How do we determine our centrifuge RCF? In centrifugation RCF is dependent upon the RPM but it is also dependent on the radius of the rotor from the axis to the bottom of the centrifuge tube.  From the figure at left we see … Continue reading

08 Feb

Differential White Blood Cell Count

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A differential white blood cell count is used to determine the relative percentages of various types of cells within a blood sample.  Elie Metchnikoff proposed the theory of phagocytic immunity at the Pasteur Institute in 1883.  He stated that large … Continue reading

07 Feb

BioFit Cleanroom Stools & Chairs

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    I decided to do a  blog on the line of BioFit Cleanroom chairs after researching information for one of my clients.  I’m thinking if my boss happens to read the blog, maybe he’ll buy me one? BioFit is one … Continue reading

04 Feb


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There are many different centrifuges for many different applications and centrifuging many different types of samples.  The laboratory centrifuge and rotor is designed for testing and research.  Laboratory centrifuges range in size from the small personal centrifuge for 2ml tubes … Continue reading