07 Feb

BioFit Cleanroom Stools & Chairs



I decided to do a  blog on the line of BioFit Cleanroom chairs after researching information for one of my clients.  I’m thinking if my boss happens to read the blog, maybe he’ll buy me one?

BioFit is one of the leading manufacturers of ergonomically designed chairs Chairs,  providing all-day comfort while meeting the strictest cleanroom and ESD requirements. When designated ESD, all parts of these 4P Series chairs are either static-dissipative or conductive, and are 100% continuity-tested to ensure maximum protection.  I mean… they look incredibly comfortable, aside from meeting cleanroom standards.    The chair pictured on the left is a vinyl upholstered cleanroom chair that meets ISO Class 4 (FED-STD-209E Class 10/M2.5) standards and features an exclusive air exchange system in the seat.  It also has four-way contouring and a waterfall front for all-day comfort. Dual-wheel cleanroom casters for hard floor are standard. Soft touch pneumatic mechanism provides fingertip control of chair position.

The Chair pictured on the right  features a five-legged tubular chrome-plated base with a 50.8cm (20″) dia. fixed footring and 58.4cm (23″) leg spread. “Soft-Touch” pneumatic mechanism allows effortless fingertip chair position adjustment. Ergonomically designed with four-way contouring and a waterfall front edge, which is real easy on the thighs. An internal bumper guard protects chair edges. The backrest has a wraparound plastic panel that acts as a bumper guard and includes top line lumbar support.


As always, I encourage you to call our knowledgeable laboratory sales staff for assisting in helping you find the right chair for your needs.

Stephen Gonshorek