14 Feb

BioFit SitStand

I decided to do a sequel to my last weeks blog on the BioFit Cleanroom Chairs by talking about the BioFit SitStand Stool.   On a personal level, I recently had some outpatient surgery.  During my recovery, I found sitting in a normal chair to be uncomfortable.  With assistance from one of my associates, I created a standing desk using 2 empty copier paper cartons. This worked great, but I still need to sit once in awhile.   Then I stumbled across the BioFit stool pictured on the left.  Ergonomically, I think this is a great idea.  Aside from my situation,  it seems as we all get older, gravity takes it’s course, pulling down on our vertebrae and resulting in putting pressure on L4 & L5.   The concept is: Promoting a balanced posture by supporting the torso and hips, BioFit ergonomic sit/stands are engineered to be the solution to reducing cumulative trauma and soft tissue problems that often are associated with jobs that require extensive standing.  Thus promoting a more productive work environment.  Hope my boss reads this.  I’m looking at this SitStand and thinking, “I got to get me one of  these”!    The specifications are as follows:

Seat: 13″ x 13″ black urethane with built in handles.  The controls for the seat are pneumatic with a tilt adjustment of 0 to 6 degrees,  Height adjustments are 22″-29″ for the Model GXT20 and 25″ - 35″ for the GXT50

For additional information or if we can be of assistance, I would encourage you to give any of our knowledgeable staff a call.  As always, I welcome your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

Stephen Gonshorek