18 Feb

Centrifuges for the Doctor’s Office

Centrifugation can be confusing especially if you are looking for a simple centrifuge for blood centrifugation for a doctor’s office or veterinary clinic.  Blood, urine, and fecal centrifugation requires lower speeds and larger sample sizes in general than research centrifugation.  A clinical centrifuge can be a simple as 6 tubes with one speed or the ability to change rotors from centrifuge tubes to hematocrit tubes.  The BD Clay Adams Triac is an example of a versatile centrifuge which can be used for blood, urine, and hematocrit tubes.  If your lab only needs to spin blood you can use a single speed centrifuge such as the Unico Powerspin. FX  Unico also carries the Powerspin BX which can use a hematocrit rotor, a blood/urine/fecal tube rotor and a 1.5/2 ml microcentrifuge tube rotor.  The Iris StatSpin is an example of a centrifuge which handles hematocrit tubes and small samples up to 3ml.  You do not have to spend $5000.00 to purchase a centrifuge for your doctor’s office, the simplest centrifuge can be a s low as $230.00.  It would be wise however to plan for growth and purchase the most versatile centrifuge you can afford for your clinical lab.

Robin Prymula