21 Feb

BioFit Footrests

So, my last three Blogs have been on BioFit Seating.  This week, I chose to talk about the BioFit Footrests, which some might consider to be a luxury item to have at your desk.  Not True.  It has been proven from an Ergonomic perspective that a footrest can be extremely beneficial for those of us who do a lot of sitting at a desk.  In conjunction with an ergonomic chair, a footrest will relieve stress on the underside of their thighs and lower back.  The FS1-K pictured on the left, is adjustable from 3″ to 11″ and has a static free platform measuring 20″ x 11″.  The frame is welded and is constructed of 14 ga steel.

I know there are still those out there who are not convinced or just don’t get that a footrest may not seem like a primary ergonomic accessory, but it does provide significant ergonomic benefit. An ergonomic footrest can ease leg problems and lessen lower back issues as mentioned earlier. And back problems are one of the main reasons for lost productivity in the workplace, so a footrest should be included in your budget for an ergonomic workstation.  Hope my boss is reading this.  :)

Posture Your hips should be slightly higher than your knees but at the same time, don’t keep your feet flat on the floor or move them around often. Use a footrest if there is pressure on your back of the legs or if the feet are not resting on the floor. The footrest should be adjustable like the one’s designed by BioFit and should support the entire foot.   Feet should never dangle, unsupported from the floor or a footrest. A footrest is a good idea for shorter people (like me) and can be used to support some leg weight.

Your questions and feedback are always welcome.  Thanks for reading by blog.

Stephen Gonshorek