28 Feb

I-STAT 1 Analyzer

Abaxix, one of the leaders in Veterinary Diagnostics has developed this nifty handheld device that kind of resembles a Star Trek Tricorder (just kidding), called a i-STAT 1 Analyzer.  The VetScan i-STAT Analyzer is designed to provide accurate blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry and hematology results in minutes from 2-3 drops of whole blood.  Again, the unit is completely portable,  making it the ideal solution for critical care situations in a  hospital operating room, for monitoring, exotic animals, or household pets.  The VetScan i-STAT 1 provides the additional information needed to monitor chronic disease patients, evaluate pre-anesthetic patients and provide diagnostic specialty testing information for the ill patient.


The device measures 3.035″ x  9.245″ x  2.85″ and weighs in at a mere 22.9 oz depending on the type of batteries that are used.  Batteries are two 9-volt lithium or rechargeable with a lithium for clock and memory backup.   Measurement is accomplished using electrochemical sensing technologies. A group of thin film electrodes located at the top of a cartridge (accessory) are coated with chemically sensitive films. These coated sensors react to small changes caused by chemical reactions in the sample.

The primary species that VetScan i-STAT1 has reference ranges for are: Cat, dog, and horse.  These ranges are available in the user guide provided with the analyzer.

The i-STAT 1 main unit has a suggested list price of $10,312.95.  OpticsPlanet does offer it at a discounted price.  I intent on elaborating on the available cartridges in my next blog.  But please call or email  labsales@Opticsplanet for additional information or assistance.

Stephen Gonshorek