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28 Mar

Midget Bubbler

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I chose to learn about and discuss the Midget Bubbler.  When I first came across this device, it reminded me of something you might have seen in a head shop in the 70′s or perhaps something used behind the bar … Continue reading

25 Mar


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Spectroscopy is the study of how radiated energy interacts with matter.  Spectroscopy started with visible spectroscopy and ultraviolet, now most parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are passed through matter to study the interactions.  Atoms and molecules have specific responses to radiated energy … Continue reading

21 Mar

Smash Blender

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Here’s another reason why I love my job.  It is anything but boring and I seem learn something new everyday.  I had a customer contact me the other day, requesting information on the Smash Blender.  I don’t know about you, but the name … Continue reading

18 Mar

Temperature Recording

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Data Logger Systems are rapidly taking the place of chart recorders for recording temperature.  These devices electronically store data associated with the dates and times the data is acquired.  Dataloggers can be programmed for sampling intervals from seconds to hours for … Continue reading

14 Mar

Rotator Orbital Mixer

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Such a deal I have for you!  If your looking for an economic mixer, the UNICO Digital Rotator Orbital Mixer w/ Optional Humidity Cover is worth taking a look at.  The model L-RT30C is a compact, durable, variable speed orbital mixer … Continue reading

11 Mar

Plant Extracts

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I have been asked the question “Can a laboratory bottle dispenser such as bottle-top dispenser be used with oils in cosmetic formulation.”  I have also been asked “What type of extract filter can I use for my cosmetic oils and my … Continue reading

08 Mar

Streptococcus Mutans

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Ever wonder why your dentist told you that candy causes cavities? Candy provides a species of bacteria, Streptococcus mutans, with sugar. S. mutans then converts this sugar to lactic acid which eats away at the enamel of the tooth. Teeh … Continue reading

07 Mar

I-STAT 1 Analyzer Continuted

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I wanted to revisit and elaborate on my blog from last week.  Abaxis I-STAT 1 Analyzer, designed for Veterinary Diagnotics of small animals.  A great and time saving device outside of, but not excluding, the exam room.  I uses a small sample and … Continue reading

04 Mar

Tubes -80°C

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Do you have many small culture samples which you must store -80°C ?    Do you want to remember which cryo tube has what specimen?  I recommend the cryo tubes from VWRs Sample Library Tubes.  Supplied in a 96 tube format … Continue reading