04 Mar

Tubes -80°C

Do you have many small culture samples which you must store -80°C ?    Do you want to remember which cryo tube has what specimen?  I recommend the cryo tubes from VWRs Sample Library Tubes.  Supplied in a 96 tube format for storage of specimens, these are 1.2ml Polypropylene tubes. The tubes are available as a rack of 96 individual tubes or racks of 8 tube strips or 12 tube strips.  The racks have an alpha numeric grid which allows you to catalog your specimens.  The racks can be used in robotic equipment as they meets SBS standards.  The racks are designed for 8 channel and 12 channel pipettors.    A snug fitting clear lid is included with each rack and 8 strip and 12 strip polyethylene caps are available separately.  Tubes lids and racks are autoclaveable to 122°C and can be stored down to -80°C.  The tubes, racks and strip caps are available sterile and non-sterile.