07 Mar

I-STAT 1 Analyzer Continuted

I wanted to revisit and elaborate on my blog from last week.  Abaxis I-STAT 1 Analyzer, designed for Veterinary Diagnotics of small animals.  A great and time saving device outside of, but not excluding, the exam room.  I uses a small sample and provides the ability to test small or ill animals such as an anemic puppy or fractious cat

The device uses small one time use cartridges that are inserted into the device.  Currently, Abaxis offers 10 cartridges, which are typically offered in packs of 10 or 25

i-STAT CG4+ Cartridge  This cartridge provides the following analytes – pH, PCO2, HCO3, TCO2, Base Excess, PO2, sO2, Lactate

i-STAT CG8+ Cartridge

This cartridge provides the following analytes – Hct, Hgb, iCa, Glu, Na, K, pH, PCO2, HCO3, TCO2, Base Excess, PO2, sO2

In review, the VetScan i-STAT 1 provides the additional information needed to monitor chronic disease patients, evaluate pre-anesthetic patients and provide diagnostic specialty testing information for the ill patient in the exam or treatment room.

It helps to be small pet lover to find interest in this blog and device.  I’m sure there are many Vets out there who would find this to be an extremely helpful tool.

As always, I encourage you to contact myself or any of my associates for additional information.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

Stephen Gonshorek