11 Mar

Plant Extracts

I have been asked the question “Can a laboratory bottle dispenser such as bottle-top dispenser be used with oils in cosmetic formulation.”  I have also been asked “What type of extract filter can I use for my cosmetic oils and my plant extracts?”

Labnet Labmax bottle top dispensers can be used to deliver low viscosity oils.  They must be frequently cleaned with hot soapy water to maintain them but they will greatly increase the precision in cosmetic formulation and they will control waste.   The Labmax bottletop dispenser is a variable volume dispenser available in several ranges from 0.3ml to 100ml.

Whatman (now owned by GE Healthcare) makes several filtration devices which will aid in the filtration of low viscosity oils and plant extracts.  The FilterCup™ is available with cellulose filter paper for fast or coarse filtration and it is also available with a glass microfiber filter for finer filtration.  A filtration apparatus would consist of the FilterCup™, a one hole silicone stopper, A filtering flask, some vacuum tubing, and a vacuum source such as a laboratory vacuum pump or a hand vacuum pump.  It is possible to handle cosmetic oils and herbal extracts professionally and efficiently without a laboratory.


Robin Prymula