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29 Apr


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A buret (or burette) is a piece of volumetric glassware (some are plastic) for delivering precise amounts of fluid.  A buret can be very precise; Class A and Class B burets have the following tolerances: Capacity ml    subdivisions, ml   Class … Continue reading

25 Apr

Thermal Shippers

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OK, so you have a temperature sensitive item that you have to ship across country.  It could be anything from a medical item, pharmaceutical product or even snack bars and the risk and cost of the package not arriving at the … Continue reading

22 Apr

Accuracy and Precision

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Many laboratory items are defined by their accuracy and their precision.  These items include but are not limited to pipettes,  volumetric glassware, balances, spectrophotometers. . .  Accuracy expresses how close the measurement is to the true value.  Precision expresses how … Continue reading

19 Apr

pH and Microbial Growth

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It is important to understand the relationship between pH and microbial growth. The pH or hydrogen ion concentration affects proteins and other charged molecules in the cell. Each organism has an optimal pH at which point they grow best. If … Continue reading

18 Apr

Tygon® Tubing

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While thinking about a topic to blog about this week, I decided on Tygon® Tubing, generically known as PVC or Silicone Tubing.  Tygon, being a registered trademark product.  I will be the first to admit that I had no clue how many varieties of … Continue reading

15 Apr

Pipette Tips

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Pipet tips for pipettors are available in many forms including universal tips.  There are filter tips to avoid aspirating the sample into the pipette.  There are gel loading tips with flat points for loading electrophoresis gels.  There are autoclaveable tips, … Continue reading

11 Apr

Reid Vapor Pressure Bath, Koehler

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This is an interesting item that you don’t see everyday.  It’s kind of like the ultimate hot water pressure washer.  Well, not really.  The Reid Vapor Pressure Bath which is manufactured by Koehler Instrument Company is used  in the handling … Continue reading

08 Apr


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Confused about all the options for pipettors? Let’s start with a definition of the pipette or pipet. Volumetric pipettes are used to deliver extremely accurate liquid volumes of from 0.50ml to 50.00ml.  Tolerance for the 50.00ml volumetric pipette is +/- 0.1% … Continue reading

04 Apr

Emergency Eyewash Stations

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Emergency Eyewash Stations.  One of those things that we all notice when we walk by one in a factory or warehouse environment and hope you never need.  They do come in many configurations and I was curious if I would … Continue reading

01 Apr


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A Visible spectrophotometer and a UV/Visible spectrometer is designed for measurement of species in solution by absorption spectrometry.  The function of the cuvette is to hold the sample solutions in the path of the light beam.  It is important that these cuvettes … Continue reading