11 Apr

Reid Vapor Pressure Bath, Koehler

This is an interesting item that you don’t see everyday.  It’s kind of like the ultimate hot water pressure washer.  Well, not really.  The Reid Vapor Pressure Bath which is manufactured by Koehler Instrument Company is used  in the handling and performance of liquid petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas products. This unit is free standing or ccan be flush-mounted on a benchtop
It has a built in microprocessor which is programmable for high accuracy temperature control.  The microprocessor controls bath temperature with ±0.2°F (±0.1°C) precision. Microprocessor PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot, and the bath is protected by an overtemperature control circuit that interrupts power should bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point.  It has a double-wall construction with fiberglass insulated stainless steel tank.  So this should stand up to years worth of use.  Kind of like the ultimae mini hot water heater.

NOTE:  The Test apparatus for liquefied petroleum gases (ASTM D1267) requires: Test Cylinders, two-opening type Bleeder Valve Assemblies Pressure Gauges Constant Temperature Bath Bath Thermometer Flexible Tubing,

Specifications are as follows:

Capacity: 1 to 4 vapor pressure apparatus, one-opening or two-opening type
Temperature Control Stability: ±0.2°F (±0.1°C)
Maximum Temperature: 212°F (100°C)
Bath Medium: 13.7gal (51.9L) water
Electrical Requirements 115V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 18.8A 220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 9.4A
Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm) 15x15x36 (38.1×38.1×91.5) Net Weight: 67 lbs (30.4kg)
Shipping Information Shipping Weight: 105 lbs (47.7kg) Dimensions: 14 Cu. ft.

The Vapor Pressure Bath is available in both 115V and 220V depending on your needs.

As always, our knowledgable staff are more that happy to assist you in providing additional information, including the accessories that you will want to add.  Accessories include:  Therrmometer, Transfer Connection and O-Rings.

Stephen Gonshorek