18 Apr

Tygon® Tubing

While thinking about a topic to blog about this week, I decided on Tygon® Tubing, generically known as PVC or Silicone Tubing.  Tygon, being a registered trademark product.  I will be the first to admit that I had no clue how many varieties of tubing were manufactured for so many industries and applications.  It wasn’t until a customer of mine in South Florida asked specifically for tubing that could withstand an operating temperature: 160°C (320°F), that I really began to explore what was out there.  With that being said, I plan on discussing this topic for the next one or two weeks and really encourage to hear comments from anyone out there on their experiences and the different applications.


For starters, The translucent silicone tubing (pictured above), is ideal for hot fill lines, food handling, stirring vessels, fermenter lines, laboratory, chemical, and resin feeds, viscous and adhesive materials, and D.I. water transfer. Braid reinforcement increases pressure resistance. Provides flexibility, durability, and chemical and temperature resistance. It is manufactured with a Platinum-curing process which helps ensure a high level of biocompatibility. It has a smooth inner surface which reduces the potential for particle entrapment and helps maintain fluid integrity throughout the fluid transfer process.

In comparrison,  Tygon® Sanitary Silicone Tubing (pictured on right), is also translucent and is goes through the same Platinum-cured silicone process.  It is ideal for industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical, peristaltic pump, and food and beverage processes.   It too has an Ultra-smooth inner bore which reduces the potential for particle entrapment during fluid transfer.  The hydrophobic surface helps to improve the flow of fluid and at the same time, minimize extract-ables which help to ensure fluid purity. This tubing has a maximum operating temperature: 200°C (392°).  Of Course all tubing comes in a wide variety of inner and outer dimensions.

Our laboratory staff are available to assist you in locating the best fit for your application.  And again, I encourage any feedback that you’re willing to offer.

Stephen Gonshorek