25 Apr

Thermal Shippers

OK, so you have a temperature sensitive item that you have to ship across country.  It could be anything from a medical item, pharmaceutical product or even snack bars and the risk and cost of the package not arriving at the recommended temperature would be a total loss.   What will you do?

There is an actual combination of items that you will need to insure that your item arrives as intended.  I use to think it was just a matter of throwing some ice cubes into a plastic bag at the bottom of the box and hope for the best.  Not So.  There are several manufacturers of Thermal Shippers that provide everything you need. It’s just a matter of knowing what you you need.  So here we go.  Naturally you’ll need your foam mailer and cold pack, but while working with a customer recently, I almost forgot to include a foam pad to keep the item from rolling around and possibly getting damaged in transit.  The picture to the right offers a good recommendation of what you will need, depending on the size of the item that you’re shipping of course.

Only additional item to complete the package would be the outer sleeve.  That’s it.  Your done, right?  But what if the item needs to ship  at a specific temperature?  The cold packs are typically available for maintaining freezer temperature  –23°C (–10°F) or refrigerator temperature 0°C (32°F).  If the item has to ship at room temperature, chill the refrigerator pack, pull it out and let it warm up to the required temperature (checking it with your thermometer).  Pack it in with the contents, seal it up and you’re ready to go!  The mailer will maintain the desired temperature for roughly 60 hours, though I recommend next or 2nd day shipping.  International deliveries are a whole other thing when you’re unsure of how long it will take to get through customs.  But, that’s a discussion for another day.

As always, I encourage you to give any of our knowledgeable Staff here in the Laboratory Department of OpticsPlanet a call with any questions or if we can ever be of further assistance.

Stephen Gonshorek