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30 May

Ear Plugs

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For this weeks blog I thought I’d bring up the topic of Ear Plugs,  or is it better to refer to it as hearing protection?  I guess if it’s my wife chasing me with a list of things to do … Continue reading

27 May

Lab Notebook

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Laboratory notebooks are designed in accordance with GLP. Lab notebooks in the research laboratory must be auditable and are considered a legal document. Laboratory notebook paper must be acid free for long term storage. Lab notes must be able to … Continue reading

23 May

Gowning Benches

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So obviously your curiosity got the better of you’re reading this blog.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, Gowning Benches?  I had a contractor call me this week asking a whole bunch of questions.  So after doing a crash course, I now know what a … Continue reading

20 May


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Electrochemistry is not just pH and conductivity.  Currently on the market are Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) which determine Fluoride, Chloride, Iodide, Sulfide, Cyanide, Ammonia, Nitrate, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, and other ions. Other common probes are biological oxygen demand (BOD), oxidation … Continue reading

16 May

Dyna-Lume® High-Intensity Illuminators

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Well, here’s a nifty item that you don’t see everyday. Dyna-Lume® manufactures a  High-Intensity Illuminator in both a dual and single head model (with optional magnifier).  Talk about putting some light on the subject!  Sorry, bad joke. This would have been … Continue reading

13 May

Vernier Scale

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With the rise of digital measures, Vernier scale for tools like calipers and micrometers are used less and less.  The Vernier Scale was named after a French mathemetician, Pierre Vernier, in 1631.  The Vernier scale uses the ability of the human … Continue reading

09 May


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In the continuing Saga on the availability and many uses of WYPALL WIPERS, this week I wanted to look at the L40 series.  Just to recap, last week I talked about the X90 series, which is a professional industrial towel … Continue reading

06 May

Glucose in Urine

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Benedict’s test is the basis for Siemens (formerly Bayer) clinitest for glucose in urine.  The copper sulfate in Benedict’s reagent reacts with glucose and other reducing sugars to form a precipitate which varies in color depending upon the amount of … Continue reading

02 May


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As mentioned in previous blogs, one of the things I love about my job is, it’s not boring!  So right about now you’re probably thinking, he’s going to talk about paper towels?  I had a client this week asking a … Continue reading