02 May


As mentioned in previous blogs, one of the things I love about my job is, it’s not boring!  So right about now you’re probably thinking, he’s going to talk about paper towels?  I had a client this week asking a lot of questions about WYPALL WIPERS and for an explaination of the different products.  And I thought when it comes to spills, all you need is the “Quicker Picker-Upper”.

Kimberly Clark, who are well known for their paper  products, has a professional line of towels.  It’s a large offering that is very specific to each need.  Now of course sometimes, nothing can replace a good old cloth towel, but I decided to address paper and recycled fiber content towels this time around.  For example, the WYPALL® X90 Cloths pictured above, is designed to have 75% more oil absorption and 35% more water absorption.  These cloths are manufactured by combining hydro-entangling polyester fiber for softness and oil absorbency and wood fiber for water absorbency.  The material is very strong, using what Kimberly Clark calls HYDROKNIT® Technology.  It’s basically a Spunbond material utilizing 2 plies.  Because the cloths are more absorbent than comparable industrial wiping solutions, ie - especially shop towels and rags, fewer cloths are required for cleanup.   To put it in perspective, five Jumbo Rolls can absorb a 55-gallon drum of oil.  The cloths are also reusable, so you can get more use out of every sheet.  Savings will result by  cutting waste disposal, freight, and storage costs associated with shop towels and rags. They also help reduce worker exposure to harmful contaminants.

So this is the high end of the WYPALL Line.  Next week I intend on discussing more everyday/consumer towel products as a comparison.  As always, I welcome your feedback and comments.  Thank you for reading my blog.

Stephen Gonshorek