09 May


In the continuing Saga on the availability and many uses of WYPALL WIPERS, this week I wanted to look at the L40 series.  Just to recap, last week I talked about the X90 series, which is a professional industrial towel that will absorb oil spills.  Kimberly Clark conveniently numbers all of the WYPAll towels for easy identification.  I seems that the lower the number, the more gentle the product.  For this blog, L40 falls in right in the middle of the pack.

The WYPALL® L40 (05740),  pictured above, has been setting the standard for general-purpose wiping for over 20 years, and continues to offer outstanding performance in a wide range of industrial cleaning and personal wiping tasks. The unique DRC (Double Re-Creped) base sheet technology creates an absorbent sponge-like inner layer that absorbs liquids fast, with a soft touchable outer layer. The reinforced matrix of the material provides strength for wet-surface wiping and cleaning. Easily absorbs liquids, lubricants, and oil. Ideal for absorbing large liquid spills and leaks, as well as routine industrial cleaning and maintenance, and removing soils and liquids from face and hands.

This WYPALL® wiper contains 40% post-consumer recycled fiber and meets the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guideline. Up to 35% more sheets than standard packaging. This reduces the amount of packaging waste to the landfill by up to 35%, and reduces the amount of carbon emissions up to 35% by putting less trucks on the road. Up to 100% recycled fiber packaging. These wipers are part of the KIMBERLY-CLARK’S PROFESSIONAL® Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow™ program, and reflect a continuing commitment to environmental sustainability.

The L40 (05770) wiper pictured on the right, is a lighter-weight disposable wiper that features double re-creped (DRC) base sheet technology with high surface softness to absorb large liquid spills and leaks. The reinforced grid provides strength for wet-surface wiping and cleaning. Ideal for routine industrial cleaning and maintenance as well as for removing soils and liquids from face and hands.

As always, I encourage you to call our knowledgeable LMS Team for assistance in finding the right wiper for your application.  I also welcome any feedback.

Stephen Gonshorek