16 May

Dyna-Lume® High-Intensity Illuminators

Well, here’s a nifty item that you don’t see everyday. Dyna-Lume® manufactures a  High-Intensity Illuminator in both a dual and single head model (with optional magnifier).  Talk about putting some light on the subject!  Sorry, bad joke.

This would have been really helpfull to me back in the day when I was soldering circuit boards. It is one of those handy tools that “you need it when you need it”.  Available in black and grey, the lamp utilizes a 20W 12V Quartz Halogen Bulbs in Narrow, Combination, or Wide Beam Patterns.  The manufacturer boasts that it has a Stepless Electronic Intensity Control, Highly Stable Base, Swivel, Flex Arms and a Solid State Power Supply ( which provides full range electronic intensity control for a precise adjustment of light levels and is calibrated to deliver the highest intensity consistent with long bulb life).

The Micro Quartz Halogen Bulbs: have a Narrow, combination, or wide beam patterns, integral reflector, 3,000 ft. candles at 6″ (3,000°K), 5,000 hour average life, 1.5 in. diameter, double contact bayonet base – (per bulb).

Please note:  The Magnifier is an optional accessory.  I personally think it should come with.  There is also a Micro Heat Shield  that is offered as an accessory.  I’m sure if you’re using this for long periods of time, the lamp can get quite warm.  In review of the specifications, it appears that Dyna-Lume as a well engineered product.  One of the things that most impressed me was that it is manufactured right here in the USA.  Way to go Dyna-Lume.

As always, our knowledgeable laboratory staff here at OpticsPlanet would be more than happy to assist you with you purchase or to answer any questions that you may have.

Stephen Gonshorek