27 May

Lab Notebook

Laboratory notebooks are designed in accordance with GLP. Lab notebooks in the research laboratory must be auditable and are considered a legal document. Laboratory notebook paper must be acid free for long term storage. Lab notes must be able to be traced back to original data; therefore lab notebooks have unique serial numbers, numbered pages, and the pages are not removable. Many laboratories are leaving written lab notebooks behind and are using an electronic laboratory notebook, ELN. ELNs are software programs designed to be searchable and traceable. Many laboratory instruments are now designed to be used with ELN software. ELN software must be designed to maintain the integrity of original data. Safety protocols must be included to protect against manipulation or falsification of original data.

Good laboratory practice is the principles and guidelines for performing laboratory research and recording the research. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, has developed the GLP guidelines. GLP is used in laboratories which generate data related to the hazards of chemicals in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrochemical, food additives, and other industries where the public comes in contact with chemicals. GLP is also used in many other laboratories to ensure the integrity of the data generated. For more information on GLP see the OECD website.
Image from nih.gov