30 May

Ear Plugs

For this weeks blog I thought I’d bring up the topic of Ear Plugs,  or is it better to refer to it as hearing protection?  I guess if it’s my wife chasing me with a list of things to do around the house, you can’t really call it hearing protection.  But all kidding aside, they do serve a purpose.

Ear Plugs as compared to Ear Muffs are pretty much made using a foam material, which makes it pliable to fit a majority of ear  canals.   I’m sure we all understand that no two ears canals are alike.  As pictured above, they are available both with and without cords.  The pair to the right, which are distributed by Sperian / Honeywell are color coded.   Yellow for smaller ears canals and coral for larger.  Pre-shaped foam earplugs feature a smooth outer skin for maximum user comfort and being made of foam, the are disposable, nonirritating and non-allergenic.

For those of you who prefer a reusable ear plug,  Howard Leight offers a set of plugs (pictured to the right) available with and without a cord, that  featurers an advanced air pocket design with internal noise-blocking fins.  The four-flange profile creates better seal in the ear canal with the comcerpt of less pressure in the ear canal and to eliminate that “plugged up” feeling.  The rounded flanges, tapered shape fits better in the ear canal and the firm stem facilitates easy insertion and removal.  So for all you weekend warriors out there with your lawn mowers and grass trimmers, you have several choices to save your hearing.   Unfortunately, it will not totally block out your spouse.  Oh, and if my wife happens to read this,  Just Kidding Dear.

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Stephen Gonshorek