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24 Jun


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Birefringence can be observed under a polarizing microscope or a microscope with a polarized filter. In normal light (or other electromagnetic radiation) the waves are random directions about the axis of the light wave. In polarized light the waves are … Continue reading

20 Jun

Pipet Sterilization Box

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I realize that I probaby make the following statement in many of my blogs, but once again, heres another reason why I love my job.  I seem to find or learn something new everyday. I had a customer contact me … Continue reading

17 Jun

Cuvette Holder

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Cuvettes in a spectrophotometer must be held in exactly the correct position relative to the light beam – this is the job of the cuvette holder or cell holder.  Cell holders are specific to the spectrophotometer brand and can take … Continue reading

14 Jun


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Everyday, a variety of antiseptics are used to control and/or kill microorganisms. Hospitals disinfect areas using strong chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, which is identical to houshold bleach. Doctors and nurses use alcohol to swab areas where a needle will … Continue reading

13 Jun

Digital Thermometers

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With winter behind us and summer just around the corner, we all know what the means,  It’s Bar-B- Que Time!  Noting better than a sunny day in the backyard with a cold drink in your hand and the smell of your … Continue reading

10 Jun


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Visible spectrophotometers and UV/Visible spectrophotometers are designed for measurement of species in solution by absorption spectroscopy.  The function of the cuvette is to hold the sample solutions in the path of the light beam in the spectrometer.  It is important that these … Continue reading

06 Jun


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I decided to talk about Sterilizers for this weeks blog.  So, what exactly does a sterilizer do?  You’re probably thinking, really?  It sterilizes, right?   But admittedly, having never used one personally, I thought I would get the facts.  I … Continue reading

03 Jun

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In spectrometers, microscope systems, and other optical instruments beam splitters are used to split a single light beam into 2 paths. A split beam spectrophotometer has a beam splitter as part of the optical path.  A beam splitter consists of … Continue reading