06 Jun


I decided to talk about Sterilizers for this weeks blog.  So, what exactly does a sterilizer do?  You’re probably thinking, really?  It sterilizes, right?   But admittedly, having never used one personally, I thought I would get the facts.  I happen to choose the Market Forge Sterilmatic® for a couple of reasons.  The fact that they’ve been in business since 1896 indicates that they must make a good product and obviously know what they’re doing.  In speaking with one of their representatives, I was quite impressed with her product knowledge and impressed to learn that the average years of employment at Market Forge is 25 years.  Lisa is actually a newby as she only has 12 years with the company.

But getting back to what the Sterilizer (Autoclave) does, for starters, you would typically find a sterilizer in laboratories, veterinary clinics and processing plants.  Sizes vary but the one pictured above is 18-3/4″  X  27-5/8″ X 31″.  The unit has a self-sealing door which cannot be opened until the steam pressure is completely exhausted.  Operational temperature is up to 250 F (121 C) and is fully automatic.  The Pressure will be automatcially exhausted and the power supply will shut off at the termination of the cycle. Temperature is adjustable from 230 F – 250 F.

The unit has been designed to work with several power sources including 208 – 240V 1 phase or 3 phase.

Note that optional accessories include tubular leg stainless steel stand with shelf, second shelf, perforated trays and wire basket.  Also, if your lab does not have the capabilities of exhausting steam to the outside, you will need the  Exhaust Condenser.

As always, our knowledgeable staff here at OpticsPlanet will be happy to assist you in configuring the right sterilizer for your application.  Your feedback and comments to this blog as welcome.

Stephen Gonshorek