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29 Jul

Temperature Monitor

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Data logging systems are rapidly taking the place of chart recorders for monitoring temperature and other environmental data, eliminating the need to keep chart paper on hand.  The FDA and the CDC are accepting information retrieved from data loggers as … Continue reading

25 Jul

Mouse Igloo

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In picking a topic to blog about this week, I had to write about this.  Mouse Igloo?  Not sure if your reaction was the same as mine?  I had to laugh and then the word “really?” came to mind.  Now … Continue reading

22 Jul

Air Filter

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Not all air filters need to be or should be HEPA or ULPA.  In commercial HVAC design a HEPA filter would provide too much resistance to air flow and produce a large pressure drop in the HVAC system.  The MERV … Continue reading

18 Jul


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I wanted to disuss the topic of Clean-Wipes which are also refered to “Wipers”.  This is actually a lengthy conversation, which will probably continue in some future blogs. The above images pretty much represent what came to mind when I thought … Continue reading

15 Jul

Vapor Pressure

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Vapor pressure is the property of a substance to exert pressure on it’s surroundings, it is the pressure of the vapor in a closed system in equilibrium with the condensed phase.  Vapor pressure for petroleum fuels is generally expressed as … Continue reading

12 Jul

Hydrolytic and Degradative Enzymes

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Bacteria use a variety of degradative and hydrolytic enzymes to degrade large macromolecules into smaller units that can be imported into the cell. Because of the presence of the cell wall, bacteria lack the ability to surround and engulf their … Continue reading

11 Jul

Koehler Instrument Reid VAP. Pressure Bath

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Here’s another of the many unique items found at LabPlanet.  The Koehler Instrument Reid VAP Pressure Bath.   Vapor pressure is a critical factor in the handling and performance of liquid petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products.  This unit will … Continue reading

08 Jul


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Do you have samples you need to store in the vapor phase of liquid Nitrogen?  You need a cryogenic storage container.  You could purchase an ultra-low freezer but you only have a few samples.  You could rent space in someone … Continue reading

03 Jul

Digital Penetrometer

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Digital Penetrometer’s.  Ok, I’ll be the first to admit it.  Up until a week ago, I had no clue what a Penetrometer was.  And I’m sure there are some of you out there, rolling your eyes as you’re reading this, … Continue reading

01 Jul

Flash Point

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A flash point test is usually performed on volatile organic liquids.  Open cup flash point and closed cup flash point are the most common tests.  The flash point of a liquid is the temperature at which the vapors can be … Continue reading