08 Jul


Do you have samples you need to store in the vapor phase of liquid Nitrogen?  You need a cryogenic storage container.  You could purchase an ultra-low freezer but you only have a few samples.  You could rent space in someone else’s ultra-low freezer but there is no one around you.  Cryogenic storage systems based on LN2 are an economical way to store samples which must be kept at ultra low temperatures.  Cryo canisters are available which will hold temperature for longer than 300 days if unopened (static storage).  This time is reduced if the vessel is opened often for more storage and retrieval of samples.  For actively used canisters a low level alarm would be appropriate.  Auto fill systems are available if there is room for a liquid nitrogen tank. 

The liquid nitrogen storage vessels can store either cryo boxes or canes.  There are special retrieval tools available to help in removal of your samples.  If you must transport the liquid nitrogen you will need an appropriate sized dewar and a transfer hose with a phase separator.

Suppliers such as Talyor-Wharton, Barnstead and VWR carry many sizes and options for liquid Nitrogen cryogenic storage.

Where do you get liquid nitrogen?  From gas suppliers such as Airgas or Concoa.  You can also get LN2 from your local welding supply house.

Robin Prymula