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29 Aug

Infrared Thermometer

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Infrared Thermometer with Wireless PC Interface Continuing with the theme from my last blog on Wireless Theremometers, Extech manufacturers a wireless, Infrared hand-held model that looks like something outside of Star Trek. When placed on the base station, the meter will transmit … Continue reading

26 Aug

Ventilated Enclosures

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Ventilated cabinets such as balance enclosures, and powder enclosures are designed to protect the researcher from particulates.  The balance enclosures protect the user from toxic particulates while weighing.  The powder enclosures protect the worker from particulates during bulk powder transfers.  … Continue reading

22 Aug

Remote Signal Thermometer

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VWR® Traceable® Radio-Signal Remote Thermometer I have been working with an RN over the last week or so, trying to find a solution/ best fit for her application.  The challenge was, trying to find a digital thermometer that would show … Continue reading

19 Aug

Laminar Flow

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The purpose of a laminar flow cabinet or a laminar flow hood is to pass HEPA or ULPA filtered laminar air flow across the hood to protect the work from the laboratory environment.  Laminar flow cabinets are used in microbiology … Continue reading

15 Aug

Ear Plugs

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Ear Protection.  The topic takes me back to when I was a teenager and my mother warning me about the dangers of playing loud music.  Ok, so now that I’m older and hopefully a littel wiser, I get it.  Not … Continue reading

12 Aug

Acid Hood

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A Perchloric acid hood and other acid digestion hoods are specifically designed to withstand the corrosive nature of acid digestion fumes.  The Labconco hoods have an integral work surface and seamless interiors for easy clean up.  Interiors can be unplasticized … Continue reading

08 Aug

Lockout Tags

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I chose to do this weeks blog on Lockout Tags.   The  customer that I was speaking with the other day, worked in the oil industry down in Texas.  He was looking for a specific tag that could be hung on to a defective valve, that would warn co-workers … Continue reading

05 Aug

Laboratory Construction

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Fume hoods are designed to remove vapors from work performed in the hood thus preventing fumes from entering the laboratory.  The type of hood chosen depends upon the work to be performed inside the hood.  A standard fume hood consists … Continue reading

01 Aug

Outlet Controllers

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A customer contacted me the other day, inquiring about Outlet Controllers.  Unlike a timer that one might use to turn on an everyday appliance or lights at a given time, in a laboratory enviornment, it seem logical that you would want … Continue reading