08 Aug

Lockout Tags

I chose to do this weeks blog on Lockout Tags.   The  customer that I was speaking with the other day, worked in the oil industry down in Texas.  He was looking for a specific tag that could be hung on to a defective valve, that would warn co-workers from opening it.  I myself not working in that industry had never really thought much about the importance of having a clear, visable warning.   Kind of like an industrial Post-it-Note.

While attempting to locate tags that would fit his application, I was surprised by the large number of tags available.   The common theme on most of the cards I reviewed was the size (6″ X 3″).  For the mostpart, they are manufactured to withstand weather and physical abuse, made of unrippable (is that a word?) vinyl, but have the ability to be written on with a permanent marker.

The one thing that I did note  was that not all of the tags have reinforced grommets on the top of the tag.  There is also a large selection of Bilingual Tags available to meet most applications.

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Stephen Gonshorek