22 Aug

Remote Signal Thermometer

4905610VWR® Traceable® Radio-Signal Remote Thermometer

I have been working with an RN over the last week or so, trying to find a solution/ best fit for her application.  The challenge was, trying to find a digital thermometer that would show a low and high temperature for a warming cabinet that holds liquids.  The maximum temperature of the cabinet is 150 F, and the thermometer would have to be in the cabinet 24/7.  Most of the units I found had wired probes which posed challenges of the wire being vulnerable to damage and where to mount the main panel.

I was able to locate the above VWR Radio Signal Remote Thermometer which displays transmitted data every 30 seconds on LCD readout.  The display indicates rising or falling temperature and has an alarm that may be set in 1° increments.  The alarm sounds when temperature rises above or falls below the two set points. Minimum and maximum memory readouts allow monitoring of conditions overnight, weekly, or for any time period. The unit can monitor three different remote sensor modules simultaneously. Case is high-impact, chemical-resistant ABS plastic.

The Remote Sensor is Splash-proof  and has a Stainless steel probe accessory that can be used with liquids, air/gas, or semisolids.

Available accessories include :

  • Remote Sensor Module
  • External Bottle Probe
  • Vaccine Bottle Probe
  • Stainless Steel Probe

As always, our knowledgeable staff are available to assist you in locating the right thermometer for your application.

Your questions and comments are welcomed.

Stephen Gonshorek