26 Aug

Ventilated Enclosures

Ventilated EnclosureVentilated cabinets such as balance enclosures, and powder enclosures are designed to protect the researcher from particulates.  The balance enclosures protect the user from toxic particulates while weighing.  The powder enclosures protect the worker from particulates during bulk powder transfers.  Clean air is drawn from the room across the work through the back of the enclosure and passed through a HEPA filter.  Some enclosures are designed to use a remote blower installed in the house ventilation system.  As the air does not return to the room these enclosures can be used to remove light chemical fumes. Balance Enclosure Installation can be a permanent location ducted to house ventilation, or a flexible hose can be connected to house ventilation.  Some enclosures can use portable exhausters which trap the particulates and return the air to the room.  The portable exhauster can be supplied with a carbon filter enabling the removal of light chemical fumes.  Ventilated enclosures are available as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 foot models.  Suppliers such a Labconco have guides and experts to help in choosing a ventilated enclosure.

Robin Prymula