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30 Sep

Radiation Exposure

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Human exposure to radiation is measured in mrem or μSv, that is millirem or microsievert (1 mrem = 10 μSv).  This measurement takes into account the human tissue which is exposed to the radiation.  The dose of radiation also is weighted differently … Continue reading

26 Sep

Oil-less Vacuum Pump

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Gast DOA Series Oil-less Vacuum Pressure Pumps provide a small, quiet source of vacuum or pressure for many laboratory applications.  These include: Blood Analysis Respirators/Nebulizers Vacuum Pad Hold-Down Dental/Surgical Automobile Cruise Controls Graphic Arts Equipment Air and Gas Analysis Breast Pumps … Continue reading

23 Sep

Radiation vs. Contamination

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Confusion has arisen about radiation exposure in the wake of the events at the nuclear plant in Japan.  I had a colleague ask “Can we have a radiation detector to check our products coming in from Japan for radiation?”  My … Continue reading

19 Sep

Explosion- Proof Hot Plate

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Explosion-Proof Hot Plate manufactured by Barnstead, Thermo Scientific.  This is the ultimate, state of the art Hot Plate.  The unit is designed for use in a Class I, Group D hazardous areas. As the title states, this hot plate is Explosion-proof. It has … Continue reading

16 Sep


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You have the sample which you have been waiting for but it is only a few milliliters and you must clean it up before analysis.  The answer is to use solid phase extraction as part of your sample preparation.  SPE … Continue reading

12 Sep

Benchtop & Wall-Mount Dryers

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So, you have just finished washing and rinsed out your test tubes or flasks from the previous project and need to dry them quickly.  Good luck getting a towel inside of the tube without doing damage.  Sure, you can place them aside and wait … Continue reading

09 Sep

Magnetic Beads Separation

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There are many methods for specific protein extraction or DNA isolation.  Magnetic particle separation has proved to be very useful for simple reliable and reproducible extraction of proteins, DNA, and RNA.  In the case of protein isolation the magnetic beads … Continue reading

05 Sep


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So, here’s a nifty item that you don’t get to play with very often.  Mettler Toledo Mass Comparator.  This is a “State of the Art” device that is used for the accurate  weighing and comparrison of, well, almost anything.   The main … Continue reading

02 Sep

ADA Fume Hood

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Labconco and Kewaunee, manufacturers of laboratory hoods, produce ADA compliant products for use by individuals with disabilities.   The base cabinets and work surfaces are available at heights appropriate for wheelchair access.  The ADA fume hoods have the electrical receptacles and … Continue reading