05 Sep


XPMicroMC_large_jpgSo, here’s a nifty item that you don’t get to play with very often.  Mettler Toledo Mass Comparator.  This is a “State of the Art” device that is used for the accurate  weighing and comparrison of, well, almost anything.   The main users of Comparator Balances for weight measurement are national standards mass laboratories, legal metrology services, in-house calibration laboratories, and weights and measures offices. These require absolute weighing with an extremely high resolution.  There is really nothing out there that is more accurate.   This scale provides automatic measurements – without operator interference.  Thus  keeping  measurement uncertainty to a minimum.

Manual Comparator Balances are needed for every accurate metrological application like mass determination, weight calibration as for quality control.  This scale is designed to meet requirements of National Institute of Metrology, national and industrial calibration laboratories, weights and measures offices and verification offices for legal metrology weights.  Comparator Balances have a very high resolution distinguished by extremely high repeatability and detecting small changes of weight, especially if the
sample/object is large compared with the weight change.  Comparator Balances are
typically used for weight measurement analysis.  Additional uses would be any weighing application requiring absolute weighing with an extremely high resolution.

I welcome your feedback and any questions that you may have.  I would also be interested in hearing from any of you out there who work with similar balances on a daily basis.

Stephen Gonshorek