09 Sep

Magnetic Beads Separation

TherProtein Purification Techniquese are many methods for specific protein extraction or DNA isolation.  Magnetic particle separation has proved to be very useful for simple reliable and reproducible extraction of proteins, DNA, and RNA.  In the case of protein isolation the magnetic beads may be coated with antibodies (primary or secondary) or Streptavidin (for biotin labeled proteins).  Many manufacturers supply magnetic beads already coated with reagents for extraction  in specific tests.  A few examples are anti-Ecoli, anti-Ha, metal chelating agent  for histidine-tagged proteins, anti IgG for secondary antibody extraction, and Amylose for the isolation of MBP-fusion proteins.  such as kits which contain reagents and treated beads and magnetic supports for the manual process of extracting, washing, and releasing the protein or nucleotide of interest.  These kits are designed for individual samples in 2ml tubes and for many samples in a 96 well format.  Thermo Scientific has developed the Kingfisher, an automated DNA Extraction Labsystem which can be adapted to using magnetic bead extraction kits from several manufacturers.  The Kingfisher can be programmed for the steps necessary for many different extraction and purification procedures using magnetic beads in 24 well and 96 well formats.


Robin Prymula