19 Sep

Explosion- Proof Hot Plate

ExplosionProofHotplateExplosion-Proof Hot Plate manufactured by Barnstead, Thermo Scientific.  This is the ultimate, state of the art Hot Plate.  The unit is designed for use in a Class I, Group D hazardous areas. As the title states, this hot plate is Explosion-proof. It has a  thermostat cuts off for when temperature reaches 243°C (469.4°F).   It’s construction is a sealed aluminum housing which contains and protects the controls.  The cast aluminum top plate ensures maximum heat transfer and the Corrosion-resistant steel case is easily cleaned and maintained.  An integral thermostatic control maintains the top plate temperature ±5.5°C (±9.9°F) and can acommodate up to 11.3kg (25lb.) loads. Time to boil: 600mL water in 60 minutes.  The hot plate has many uses.  Some of the recommendations are for recrystallization utilizing organic solvents and Dry/Heat-treat silicon wafers.

Barnstead HotPlate


Operating Temp: 38° to 22°C (100° to 428°F)

Heating Surface: 15.6 x 15.6cm (6.13 x 6.13 in.)

Power Consumption: 600w

Electrical Requirements:  120V 50/60Hz,  5 amps

I welcome your feedback and sharing any views or experience that you have working with this or similar hot plates.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Stephen Gonshorek